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Harmon Gardens

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Angela Harmon Potting Table Spring Garden Plants Planting Pots Purple Ornamental Oregano Pink Foxgloves Amaranthus Euphorbia

Angela & Don Harmon of Harmon Gardens

Creating and re-creating since 1999

Harmon Gardens was once an old 1850's ranch in need of much TLC. 

The design and building of the gardens  is an ongoing process.  Four pergolas give structure and shade to the   garden while raised beds provide continuous color throughout the seasons.   Starting with ornamental herbs for wreath designs, the garden has evolved into several micro elements including an expansive green lawn, waterfalls and lily pond, spring bulbs, perennial blooms, and annual flowers.   Of course we have a vege garden and some years we have a bounty of red Cindrella pumpkins. 

We've added nearly 100 trees, from beautiful Spring blooming Bradford Pears to sweet eating Bartlett's and beautiful fall color Liquid Amber trees.   The lawn in front of the studio has a 100 foot Maple tree, providing wonderful shade to help cool our hot summers.  Counting our Blessings for sure!

Always something in bloom at Harmon Gardens.


Angela and Don Harmon Rose Parade Float Decorating Individual Flower Stems

Even on vacation, we're playing with flowers!


Rose Parade volunteers working on a float. 

Oh! A must Bucket List for all your flower junkies!!